Why this Bargain Wedding was Better than any Hotel Wedding I’ve Ever Attended

I have a confession. This may sound harsh but I know many others who feel this way. I secretly cringe at the sight of a [Chinese] wedding invitation. It’s sort of a #thanksnothanks moment. I’m thankful you count me as a friend. But I’m not that fond of dressing up, wearing uncomfortable shoes, enduring a very lengthy dinner that’s devoid of vegetables, spending just two minutes congratulating you, but the rest of the time, mingling with others that I (or you) barely know. All this, while also helping to fund your special occasion. And for that, no thanks. (more…)

Health and Money Saving Benefits from Reusable Menstrual Pads

Talking about the 3 P’s – pee, poop, and period – is still a bit taboo in this day and age, especially when it’s coupled with the topic of saving money. My grandmother (who mostly raised me), didn’t even warm me about the third P, which first came to me in a what-on-earth-is-happening!?!? kind of moment. And in my grandmother’s time, there was no such thing as disposable menstrual pads. In fact, the word disposable wasn’t really in her vocabulary. (more…)

When Buying or Selling Property Don’t Leave Out these FSBO Sites

As you may already know, you actually don’t need an agent to buy or sell a home, particularly an HDB flat where the transaction and process is very structured and transparent. Information on HDB resale prices and recent transaction are readily available for anyone to see. In Singapore, the legal aspect of a sale is handled by lawyers. So in addition to using sites like Propertyguru, don’t forget to include FSBO (for-sale-by-owner) sites. Here are some popular FSBO sites (pronounced fizz – bo) in Singapore:


An Unconventional Way to Save on Groceries

Most articles that talk about saving on your grocery bills focus on either (1) identifying which shops, grocery stores, or online outlets you can get groceries for less, (2) using coupons, loyalty cards/points, vouchers or other such money-saving tactics, or (3) buying cheaper food alternatives or not buying certain things. There might also be some articles on dumpster-diving, bartering, or growing your own food as a means of saving on groceries. But where I’m going with this article is completely different, I promise.    (more…)