Government Schemes for Singaporeans Over 50 – in a New Integrated Portal

The median age of Singapore’s resident population is just over 40. So chances are that you or someone you know is aged 50 and above, and in need of government assistance. You also may know that there are way too many schemes to keep track of (nearly 50 of them). But now there’s a one-stop portal that was designed especially for the older adult and senior population. It’s called Silver Schemes. (more…)

How Flu Shots Save You Money

[By Dr Jake Goh]

There are two big misconceptions about the flu. First, people believe that if you’re in good health, your immune system will protect you from the flu. Second, people believe that getting the flu is no big deal, because it’s not deadly. Both of these statements are wrong. (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Hate Taxes

As many of you know, I grew up poor while living in the States. Up until high school, I benefited from public assistance in the form of free school meals. My single mum’s job had to support the four of us. Her pay was less than my first internship while in uni. But you know who hated taxes? My mum. She, like so many others in her cohort, were convinced that taxes were evil, oppressive, and unfair. In the ’80s, when income tax rates for the highest earners were at 70%, she voted to cut taxes. But how much did she pay in (income) taxes? Zero. How much did other people’s taxes support her and our family? A lot!