Free Transport From Toa Payoh to Clementi

free shuttle
How to travel for free without a car.

I saw an article a while back which explained how a person could travel from Toa Payoh to Clementi for free and all in the comfort of a shuttle bus that would transit through the Grandstand (formerly known as Turf City). Free shuttle services are one of the best kept secrets in Singapore. They take you directly to popular places, and most of them are open to the public. (more…)

Would You Dumpster Dive in Singapore?

wet market waste
Food waste at the wet market on the eve of Chinese New Year.

So. Much. Waste. According to the NEA, food waste makes up approximately 10% of the total waste in Singapore. Around Chinese New Year, with all the reunions and celebrations centered around food and the dinner table, I would imagine that this rate goes up. We’re indeed privileged to live in a society in which food, for the most part, is plentiful and its abundance can often be taken for granted. (more…)

Cheap Salad Bar Buffet at Shallots

an affordable salad bar buffet

It always bothered me that a decent satisfying salad with quality fixings would typically cost much more than a sandwich or burger. There are some salad shops in Singapore that are well-priced. But many will just fill your plate with mostly lettuce, and skimp on the toppings. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for an affordable salad bar buffet where I get to choose what I put in my salad. (more…)

How to Save on Laboratory Blood Tests in Singapore

blood test
Blood tests, like other good and services, have a wide range of prices in the marketplace.

As I mentioned in my profile, I have a rare medical condition that requires me to frequently get blood tests. I normally go to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for all my blood draws, as it is centrally located. But recently, I had to get my blood drawn at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital as I am seeing a new doctor there. Upon leaving the hospital, I was shocked when I got the bill….. (more…)

Why a Luxury Valentine’s Day Could Mean Trouble

sweet home alabama
If you need to display grand gestures of love in order to convince your partner to marry you… then you might have bigger problems ahead.

I’ll admit it: when I was younger, sometimes I would daydream about that perfect Valentine’s Day date. Or about an over-the-top Valentine’s Day proposal. In this day and age, there’s no shortage of luxury goods or services with which you can pamper your significant other on any holiday or special occasion. Last weekend, a new reality show aired on Channel 5 called “The Proposal“. This show is centered around the display of grand, ostentatious acts by someone ready to propose marriage. And some of these acts make the opening scene from Sweet Home Alabama look like a modest, halfhearted gesture. (more…)

FREE Fitness Workouts and Exercise Programmes Near You

hpb workouts
Group workouts that are fun, effective, and FREE.

Gym memberships are too expensive for a frugal gal like me. Fortunately, Health Promotion Board (HPB) offers a wide array of workouts and fitness programmes, which are all absolutely free and available to the general public. They have partnered with gyms, fitness centres, and malls to bring you just about every type of trendy workout, from Zumba to Bokwa, Boxercise, hot yoga, Sh’Bam, kickboxing, Body Balance, and KpopX fitness. Whatever your fitness level is, here’s your chance to renew your commitment to improve your health and see for yourself why these fitness workouts are so popular and effective.

Please note that registration is required. And if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, you might need to check with your doctor to see if you are able to participate in these workouts. (more…)

Easy Hacks to Lower Your Utility Bill

How much are these vampire devices costing you?

This year, your January utility bill should reflect a lower price for the electricity tariff, which is now $0.2329/kWh (a decrease of $0.0199/kWh from December). This lower tariff will be in effect until 31 March. Then, it will be reviewed again by EMA (Energy Market Authority).

The new lower tariff translates into an average monthly savings of $7.93 for families living in four-room HDB flats. Though the savings is great news for everyone, it may give people the false idea that they are actually consuming less energy. We should all still do our part to practice good energy-saving habits for the benefit of the environment as well as our savings account. Here are a few easy hacks to further lower your energy bill. (more…)