3 Reasons why the Financially Independent are Still Working

“I didn’t know you still work,” is a common reaction from people who I’ve met through this blog. The underlying assumption is that being “financially independent” comes packaged with “early retirement”; when you have one, you get the other. While “early retirement”, to most people, seems like a desirable and logical endpoint, I choose to continue working (even with the uncertainty of my brain condition). Here’s why I do it and why I think you should too.


Why I’m Still Practicing Frugality – From a Global Crisis Perspective

“You don’t need to be frugal anymore,” is a common piece of advice I often get from friends and family. Though I tell them that I’m happy living this way and truly content with what I already have, they just can’t believe it. The concept is so foreign to them. “You have the money. And it’s not going to benefit you when you’re dead,” they say. “So why not enjoy it?” That’s when I have to start listing the global reasons as to why I still practice frugality (and why they should too).


Flat Size: Why Bigger & Better is Not For Me (and Likely Not for You Either)

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Last year, I bought a 3-room HDB flat. My friends and family from the States were all shocked. They all asked the same question, “Why didn’t buy something bigger/better?” As with so many things in modern society, the question of why you should or should not purchase something often boils down to affordability. That’s why shows like Suze Orman’s exist — to tell potential buyers whether they can afford something or not. The problem is that this completely misses the larger picture.