Lessons from My (Future) Self

As mentioned in the previous article, our experiential (present) self often dictates how we think and feel moment-to-moment. But we also have a future self which likely will view our present situation very differently. The future self also has different interests and goals, often in conflict with our present self. In a sense, many of our current world problems even the biggies like climate change and species extinction can be seen as a conflict between our present and future selves.  (more…)

The Valentine’s Day Gifts that Really Matter

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally touted as a time to celebrate love and happiness with a partner, for me, it’s also a reminder that unhealthy relationships exists and are actually quite common. No matter what age, gender, race, religion, education, or income level a person is, toxic relationships know no boundaries. Before I met my husband, I was in a relationship (during my uni years) which ended when a friend of mine intervened and drove me to the police station in the middle of the night.


TFOOPFest: a New Festival that Explores the Lesser-Known Stories of Singapore’s History

This year marks 200 years since Raffles’ arrival in Singapore. To commemorate this milestone, a new month-long festival will take you on a journey to explore lesser-known micro-narratives of our past. Through films, performances, graphic novels, zines, and exhibitions, you might come to view people, communities, and places in a whole new light. This festival is called The Future of our Pasts Festival.   (more…)