US Social Security Will Be Depleted in 15 Years

Of the many reasons why I moved to Singapore, the one that surprises Singaporeans the most is my desire to be a CPF member. Some Singaporeans feel that all CPF does is “rob them of their hard-earned money”. Yes, CPF is a means of forced savings. But nearly all developed nations (including the US) have such a system as the foundation of their social safety net. While nobody likes being forced into something (even for their own good), being forced while feeling cheated is far worse. In a recent report, the US Social Security system has admitted that their entire fund will be depleted by the year 2034.


Why You Should Do a Year-end SWOT and Performance Review on Your Marriage

For many businesses, the end of the year is usually spent producing financial reports and reviewing business operations. Every business has unmet goals and blind spots, as does every marriage. Doing a SWOT and performance review can help you revisit relationship goals, acknowledge weaknesses, develop a strategy to deal with obstacles, and extinguish threats before they become insurmountable.   (more…)

Having Trouble Finding a Competent, Reliable, and Trustworthy Agent? Propseller Can Help You

When I first moved to Singapore, I was shocked by the unscrupulous practices employed by some property agents to further their own selfish interests. From fake listings and misleading information to omitting important property details, these dodgy practices would have definitely resulted in legal action in the States (where the majority of real estate agents are held to fiduciary standards). With more than 30,000 property agents in Singapore, how can one find not only an honest agent but also the most suitable agent to fit his/her situation? This is where Propseller can help.


Learning through Playing — Praxis Helps You to Understand Economic Cycles and Financial Vulnerabilities

Board games can be really fun and engaging, especially because of the social interactions. They can also be educational too, turning dry boring lessons into memorable and entertaining experiences. Praxis is such a board game. It aims to teach children as well as adults some important financial lessons. Read on to find out how you can request a gameplay session.