What You Need to Do to Feel ‘Crazy Rich’ in Singapore

For this thought exercise, you won’t be needing calculators or budgeting apps/spreadsheets. What you will need is an open mind. Have you ever wondered why some people who have millions feel poor and dissatisfied, while others who have very little feel wealthy and content? In short, monetary wealth is only one form of capital. There are many others that contribute to how rich you actually feel.  (more…)

How I Stayed Out of Poverty

[This article was written as a result of a Q&A session with the CEO of ValueChampion. This is the full-length, unedited version.] Most people know that education is a powerful and proven way to get out of poverty. But what they don’t realise is that it’s easy to slip back into poverty, even with a high-paying job. Let me explain.  (more…)

5 Reasons Why Switching to a Open Electricity Market (OEM) Retailer Benefits You

[This article was contributed by Electrify Pte Ltd] The nation-wide roll-out of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) is on the horizon, and this could mean saving money on your utility bill. This article will help you plan for the roll-out. And if you’re unsure whether switching to a retailer is the right choice, here’s a list of benefits that could help you weigh your options. (more…)

Get Rewarded for More Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activities (MVPA) in the National Steps Challenge™ Season 4

Getting and staying in “the zone” is one way to optimise your fitness. Intensity matters. And now, you can track not only your steps but also your moderate to vigorous intensity physical activities (MVPA) with a new, improved, and free heart-rate monitoring fitness tracker when you sign up for National Steps Challenge™ Season 4. Returning participants from previous seasons are also eligible. Be rewarded for your steps and for hitting target MVPA. The Challenge starts roughly one month from now, and you can sign up for it today!