Food Waste in Singapore: What SG Food Rescue is Doing & What You Can Do

We’ve heard a lot about wasting food recently in the media. And there are a few ground up movements that aim to curb wastefulness and minimise what gets deposited into our landfills. On the other hand, despite the abundance of food, there are still those who food-insecure. Here are some things you can do, and also some things I hope the government will do in the near future.


Another Reason Why CPF Top Ups are Incredible Investments

[By Dr Jake Goh]

My son was born last November. We had been planning and waiting for his arrival. But what we didn’t expect was for my wife to undergo an emergency caesarean delivery. Thankfully, I was able to use my Medisave. Then, when I received my year-end bonus, I topped up my Medisave, intending only to maximise my CPF account. But what happened next was a pleasant surprise.   


Insure Your EZ-Link Card for Free

Have you ever lost or forgotten your MRT card on a train or bus? If you have, you’ll find that it’s not easy to recover it, unless it’s also a bank card or PAssion card, which has identifying information. While you can report a “lost item” with SMRT, SBS, and Tower Transit, I personally have never recovered anything from doing so. But now with this free service, you can insure your MRT card and even recover the unused value. Here’s how.


Government Schemes for Singaporeans Over 50 – in a New Integrated Portal

The median age of Singapore’s resident population is just over 40. So chances are that you or someone you know is aged 50 and above, and in need of government assistance. You also may know that there are way too many schemes to keep track of (nearly 50 of them). But now there’s a one-stop portal that was designed especially for the older adult and senior population. It’s called Silver Schemes. (more…)