When Does a Job Becomes Exploitative?

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An employer-employee relationship should be fair, equitable, and consensual for both parties.

Jobs give us a source of income, a sense of security, a structure to our day, a means of networking and social connections, and an identity. But since all things come with a price, it is important to sometimes reflect on what we are exchanging for these career benefits. More importantly, we need to ask ourselves if the exchange is (or continues to be) fair, meaningful, and consensual. Often a relationship, particularly an employer-employee relationship, starts out as fair, meaningful, and consensual for both parties. But over time, can morph into a lopsided or even exploitative relationship. In fact, this happens very naturally and very commonly in a capitalistic society. Though it does not need to be this way as there are many businesses that practice “conscious capitalism”. (more…)

5 Ways to Protect Yourself as an Employee

Don't leave it up to your employer to protect you from exploitation.
Don’t leave it up to your employer to protect you from exploitation.

In this year’s May Day Rally, NTUC Chief Lim Swee Say said that employers “need to make better use of every worker, and treat every worker better”. He also told employees to not take the tight labour market for granted. May Day (a.k.a. International Workers’ Day) began as a movement of employees seeking better working conditions, hours, and protection from their employers. This was at a time when many employers exploited their employees, often forcing them to work very long hours (12+) in dangerous working conditions. (more…)

Rent Your Clothing – Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Why buy when you can rent?

There are certain things that a person should consider buying second-hand or borrowing. These include clothing for one-off events, such as weddings and other special occasions. And clothing meant for a particular (but limited) purpose, such as maternity wear and winter sports gear. It is a well-known fact that 80% of the clothes in our closets hardly ever get worn. And children’s clothing, particularly for newborns and infants, are often only worn a few times before they are discarded. So it makes no sense to buy these items new. (more…)

Movie Tickets for $7 or Less in Singapore

cheap theatre tickets
Use this chart to find the best cinema deals.

As ticket prices for some cinemas have recently increased, more and more people are trying to find good deals. Finding the cheapest option can be quite confusing since each cinema chain has different pricing tiers, promotions, and terms. If you want to get a good deal ($7 and under), I’ve created this easy-to-use chart that summarises all the current promotions. The prices on the chart are valid for all of 2014, unless otherwise specified. (more…)

Free Events to Celebrate Easter & Earth Day in Singapore

Easter and Earth Day
Like an egg, the earth holds life. But it can also crack.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, but to the secular community, it is a celebration of spring, of new beginnings, and of hope, peace and harmony. Earth Day is a day meant to promote awareness for conservation, sustainability, and environmental protection. Both are days to honour and respect the creator and/or the creation. And both can be great opportunities to educate and inspire the next generation. Here are some free events happening around Singapore that celebrate these two important days. (more…)