There’s a new cashback and loyalty reward points platform in Singapore. They offer you a choice of rewards, whether it be cashback, airline miles, or other types of rebates like CapitaStar STAR$®. And the more you spend through their site, the higher your rewards tier will be. They are called RebateMango, and here’s what is special about them:


RebateMango’s Concept and What Makes Them Unique

Cashback platforms have gained much popularity in the past few years. They work by giving you a portion of their referral fee. The process involves just one additional step – that you click through their website before going to your online shopping destination.

Launched in Singapore last December, RebateMango is more than just a cashback platform. Yes, like Shopback and, you can get cashback by using RebateMango as your starting point before purchases.

But unlike Shopback and, you can also get other rewards, like airline miles and CapitaStar STAR$®.

Just like how there are different credit cards offering different rewards and cater to different customers, we thought why limit ourselves by just offering cashback. Some people might prefer travel rewards like Air Miles and even Loyalty Rewards Points,” said co-founder Paul Koh.

No matter which reward you choose, the site also will give you loyalty points (in the form of mangoes). Every S$1 spent through RebateMango gets you 5 mangoes. Rack up enough mangoes to reach Green and Gold membership tiers to enjoy even more cashback.

Membership Tiers Mangoes Needed Additional Benefits
Green 0 – 9999 normal cashback
Yellow 10,000 – 24,999 additional 5% on the cashback amount
Gold  25,000+  additional 10% on the cashback amount


Their Partner Merchants

They are partnered with hundreds of online retailers, including Lazada, Zalora, Agoda, Aliexpress, ASOS and Agoda. And they are set to more than double the number of partner merchants in the next few months. 

Rewards for airline miles include Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles, Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles, and AirAsia BIG points. 

Recently, they have partnered with CapitaStar so you can now get STAR$® as rewards.


Redeeming Your Rewards

When it comes to points/miles, no withdrawal is required as RebateMango will credit the miles to your account. This credit is automatic once the transaction has been confirmed. For cashback, you must accumulate $10 before you can withdraw.

Cashback is direct deposited into your bank account or sent via PayPal.


Sign Up Bonus Offer

As a new startup, RebateMango is giving new customers a bonus offer upon signing up. Anyone who signs up with this offer is eligible to receive up to $100. In order to see the sign-up bonus pop-up, first name and last name details, must be entered.


Here’s how it works: If you think you will earn S$50 in cashback within a year, sign up to get an extra S$10 (2nd option). If you think you can earn S$350 in cashback within a year, choose the last option to get an extra S$100.

You’ll still get cashback and rewards if you don’t meet those targets. The only thing you lose is the bonus incentive. And regardless of which option you choose, you can still cash out at the minimum required amount of S$10.

My advice is to avoid the first option. Why? Because you will get this option regardless. You might as well aim for a higher bonus incentive. If you get it, great. If not, you lose nothing.

But the bonus offer must be completed within a year. So if by the 365th day you’ve only cashed out $49 in cashback, you don’t get the bonus. 

Here are other sign up offers which offer additional bonuses:


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