From now until the end of November, Singaporeans age 60 and above can get free* functional health screenings. It’s called Project Silver Screen, and under this programme, the screenings ensure your eyes, ears, and mouth are in good health. Screening locations are island-wide. To see a schedule of upcoming neighbourhood screening sessions, please click here.


Project Silver Screen – Key Points

Cost: The screenings are free for Pioneer Generation members and just $2 for Health Assist (CHAS) card holders. For everyone else, it’s $5.

Results: A professional will discuss your results with you. You get your printed results immediately after the screening. You also get any referrals for follow-up, if necessary.

What types of things can you get evaluated/fitted for? Mostly spectacles, hearing aids and dentures. And all at an affordable cost. Plus, there are subsidies under the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund or Health Assist Schemes (CHAS), if you are eligible.

If you currently are using spectacles, hearing aids and/or dentures, you may still participate in the functional screening.

Time: The screening typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour. This includes registration, a series of eye, ear and mouth checks by healthcare professionals, and the report collection.

You can register for your preferred time slot (by calling Singapore Silver Line at 1800-650-6060), or you can just walk in.


Other Free* Screenings

For a list of other free/subsidised screenings, please visit Screening for Life (SFL). You can use their online tool to find out which screenings are suitable for you and your age cohort. Screening eligibility depends on age, gender, pre-existing conditions and when you had your last screening.


Some Thoughts

Ageing is often associated with a decline in functional ability, which includes visual and hearing impairment and poor oral health. These things all affect our quality of life.

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle is ourselves. We often are in a state of denial. When my grandmother was alive, she refused to wear a hearing aid for quite a number of years, until finally one day she gave in. And it dramatically improved her life. My father had the same issue but with his teeth. He, after many years of suffering and weight loss (from eating less because of the pain), finally got dentures. Now he can eat pain-free.

Had functional screening been available to them, I think it would have benefited them greatly. Early detection and treatment can not only improve a person’s quality of life but their overall well-being. Plus, they can feel empowered, and remain independent and active.

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