Father’s Day is just around the corner, and as society is becoming more gender balanced, would you consider giving flowers to your dad? I did (once), and my dad, who is normally expressionless, was overly delighted. He said it made him feel special and happy because never in his lifetime had anyone sent him flowers. With more than 7 decades of living, for him to receive flowers for “the first time” made the occasion not just extraordinary, but unforgettable.

I think most men, perhaps secretly, take pleasure and delight in experiencing these fragrant and radiant jewels from nature. Any why not give a gift that is biodegradable, since most of us have enough stuff already, and dad likely has one too many neckties.


A Better Florist

In my search for a florist, I found one that offers free and reliable delivery (islandwide), great service, and competitive prices (no GST) – A Better Florist. Their free delivery can be done within the same day, and as quickly as in 90 minutes.

Online ordering is easy – it only takes a couple of clicks to order your favourite blooms and have them delivered anywhere islandwide. They deliver their blooms every day, including holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

When it comes to quality, their flowers are delivered fresh from a sustainable farm in Cameron Highlands. Only the blooms that meet a certain quality standard are picked. This means that you get the freshest blooms and these tend to last much longer than flowers from other sources. It also means that what you see on their website is what you get; they are Instagram-ready!

Their bouquets are hard crafted and stunningly designed. In terms of cost, a bouquet of a dozen roses from A Better Florist is $81, while a similar bouquet from other online flower shops (with delivery) cost from $88 to $123.80 (includes GST).

If you don’t see what you want on their website, you can also contact their team if you require custom arrangements or other services, such as business gifts, or flowers for special events, functions, or meetings. Their team has worked with numerous hotels, restaurants, offices, spas, shops and event venues. 

Flowers have always been seen as a noble gesture, whether it’s to express your love and care, or just to cheer up someone who is going through a tough time. And with Father’s Day coming up, why not consider giving the joyful surprise of flowers?

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