Pile on as much as you want on a 31cm diameter plate.

Don’t be deterred by the swanky, upscale appearance and prime location, the restaurants at Hotel Jen (part of Shangri-La International Hotel Management) are very affordable. At Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway, [email protected]’s weekday lunch buffet starts at just $11.90++, while at Hotel Jen Tanglin, J65, the new restaurant where CafeBiz used to be, is just $15 nett for one-plate buffet serving (these plates are HUGE so one plate is likely more than enough to get your fill!). And if you are still deciding on an affordable place for a Chinese New Year’s reunion meal, why not gather your family and friends and head to Ah Hoi’s Kitchen where 12 courses of CNY delights cost just $12 nett per person! Furthermore, all 3 restaurants have additional promotions to get even a better deal (see details below).

[email protected], Level 10, Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway [email protected]’s weekday lunch is divided into 3 sections (or courses). There is an appetizer buffet, a dessert buffet, and a main course (from a selection of a few entrees which change daily). You can choose to have just one course (any one) for $12.90++. A second course will cost an additional $7++, and a third course, an additional $6++. The main entree is not unlimited, so if you only want free flow food, you can go for the appetizer and the dessert buffets ($18.90++). All courses come with free flow drinks. I usually just go for the appetizer buffet course as it includes breads, cheeses, DIY rojak, salads, pasta, and some cookies. Additional Promo: If you delay your lunch by an hour and eat at 1.30pm, you can get 50% off by making a reservation through Eatigo. This will make it so that you can get all three courses for $12.95++!


J65, Level 1, Hotel Jen Tanglin J65’s weekday buffet is $29 nett, but they are having a limited-time promotion in which you can get a one-plate buffet serving for only $15 nett. At first, I was thinking that their one-time only plates would be smaller than their normal buffet plates, but they are in fact much larger than their normal plates. They are about 31cm in diameter and are very heavy. To be honest, I actually filled my plate a little too much and was unable to finish about a quarter of it. The one-plate promo also includes free flow drinks and soup. I saw some people just fill their plate with sashimi and sushi (sushi is after all, quite stackable) making it resemble one of those sushi party platters. I saw another person fill half her plate with prawns and scallops, and the other half with toasted artisan bread, and an assortment of cheese and desserts. Theoretically, there is no limit to the height, as long as you don’t mind things getting mixed together. Additional Promo: Since Hotel Jen is part of Shangri-La International Hotel Management, you can be a Golden Circle member (membership is free) and earn points on qualifying spending on food and beverage at Hotel Jen. Each $1 (USD) spent will give you 1 GC point, which then can be redeemed at a rate of 10 GC points offsetting every $1 (USD) of your bill.


Ah Hoi’s Kitchen, Level 4, Hotel Jen Tanglin Starting in February, Ah Hoi’s Kitchen will have a 12 at 12 CNY Lunch Promotion. This special promotion will be available during the entire month of February, excluding the 7th through 9th of February. To enjoy 12 dishes starting from 12pm, you pay only $12 nett. Though technically not a buffet, this promo still gives you a buffet-like experience with its variety of dishes. Additional Promo: If you have a party of 12, the 12th person dines free! NOTE: Since the 12 at 12 CNY promo does not start until February, I don’t have the proper photo to display. Instead, I’m going to include a photo of another 12 at 12 promo that I enjoyed around the same time last year. 12 at 12

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