Your year to achieve security, wealth, and happiness.

In a few hours, it will be Chinese New Year. And many people hope this new year will bring to them luck and wealth. That’s why I want to share with you the biggest investment that I am banking on. No, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, new trading algorithm, or forex formula. This is a safe investment, and one with high yields that hardly anyone talks about. And it is rarely mentioned in seminar or books.


The Best Investment

Look in the mirror – it is YOU. That’s right, you are your biggest cash cow. You make money day in and day out. You produce steady income, despite ups and downs in the market. So invest in yourself.

Make sure you do things that will sustain you and your money-making powers. That means getting enough sleep, living a healthy lifestyle, making good choices about your diet and nutrition, exercising, taking care of your emotional needs, keeping your mind sharp, and holding yourself in high regard. Investing in oneself means that you are safeguard the one income-producing thing that you have control over.

I once heard a story about a man who in mid-life, bought a Maserati. He explained to his son that he needed it to feel young again. His son pointed to the father and said,

You are the Maserati.”

He told his father that he could have used a mere fraction of that money to improve himself, which would have achieved his goal of feeling young in a more real and lasting way.

We are given just one body in life. We can buy new cars, new furniture, and new appliances when they break down or get old. But we can’t buy a new brain or a new heart or new lungs. And even replacement body parts, such as artificial hips/knees and transplanted organs, are typically inferior or have a very limiting “shelf life”. Not to mention, replacing anything in our body comes with a lot of risks.

Investing in oneself will not only allow us to have more years of productivity, creativity, enjoyment or recreation, but also will allow for a higher quality of life. Major illnesses are not only expensive, but also may turn the income-producing asset (you) into a burdensome liability. And if a primary breadwinner has a major illness or disability, the family not only loses that stream of income, but now has to pay for expensive medical treatment and caregiving.

Remember that you are the Maserati. You are best income-generating assets you have. So take care of yourself.

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