Every lunar new year, my mum (who is in the States) asks, “Are you wearing new clothes?” And every year, the answer is the same. “Well, they are new-ish“. “And what have you done to ensure another 12 months of good fortune and prosperity?,” she asks. I tell her that I have cleaned my home and donated some items along with my time. Those items and my time have, in a small way, benefited the less privileged. And my year is off to a new, conscientious, charitable, and sustainable fresh start. How’s that for an answer?

My mum, now aged 70, responds with “Aiya!” I could imagine her shaking her head at me. But times have changed. And we, as a very, very large extended family living in one home – planet earth – must change as well. As many are in the midst of spring cleaning, I can’t think of a better way to start the new year off on the right foot than to donate your pre-loved goods and your time to the EcoBank Bazaar.


What is EcoBank? And Where/What Can I Donate?

EcoBank is a national zero waste initiative by City Developments Limited (CDL) and media company Eco-Business. Since 2016, EcoBank has collected some 35 tonnes of used items that would have otherwise added to our fast depleting landfill. This initiative toward zero-waste is made possible through partner organisations and the efforts of hundreds of volunteers.

This year, the collection drive will be running from 8 to 28 January. Collection points are set up at these locations:

You can donate clothes, toys, accessories, books, electronics, artwork, stationery, and home decor. However, textbooks and exam practice books, inner wear, and CDs will not be accepted. Please refer to this guide below.


Volunteering with EcoBank

Want to further your odds for good luck and good fortune? Donate your time by volunteering with EcoBank. From 14 January to 25 February, they are looking for volunteers to help sort and curate pre-loved items. These items will then be put up for sale at the EcoBank Bazaar (on 1 to 3 March).

Sale proceeds from the EcoBank Bazaar will go towards the ARC Children’s Centre, a day-care centre for children with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. You can contribute money directly to ARC Children’s Centre through EcoBank’s Giving.sg fund-raising page. Donors who contribute will be invited to join EcoBank’s inaugural Grab Bag Sale at City Industrial Building (also in March).

Any items that are left unsold from the bazaar and grab bag sale will go to the Embodhi Foundation, which benefits low-income women in Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam.

As a token of appreciation, a $10 voucher from City Square Mall will be offered for every shift volunteers take part in. To sign up, click here or the poster below.


Shopping at the EcoBank Bazaar

Of course, if you can’t donate or volunteer, at the very least, you can shop at the EcoBank Bazaar and support their charities. And by buying pre-loved new-ish items, you are helping to reduce waste and create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable Singapore for everyone.

The EcoBank Bazaar will be on 1 to 3 March at City Square Mall (Premium Sale) and City Industrial Building (Grab Bag Sale). See you there!

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