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Frugal gift ideas for Father’s Day
(Photo by J Mark Dodds)

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and for those procrastinators who have not gotten a gift yet (myself included), here are some gift ideas that are thoughtful yet frugal. Most dads, as I’ve been told, don’t really want ties and money clips. Instead, they secretly want gadgets. However, gadgets can be very expensive, and too many of them are bad for the planet as they contribute to the excessive amounts of ewaste. A lot of gadgets also end up underused and collecting dust on the shelf (the average drill is used only 12 minutes before it’s discarded) as technology evolves and new gadgets replace the old ones. Because of budget and ewaste considerations, my list includes primarily experiential gifts, along with some tech gadgets, all reasonably priced!

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

  1. Wild Wild Splash Admission at SAF Yacht Club (Groupon)

Has your dad ever wanted to go for a joyride…. at sea? Enjoy unlimited rides on the banana boat, jetski, water trampoline, power boat and more; and unlimited tries on selected carnival booth games with each admission.

  1. Archery Shooting Session (Instructor-led) at AM Archery (Groupon)

Channel your dad’s inner Robbin Hood and challenge him to see whose aim is better (and who would last longer in Hunger Games). For just $5 (top up $1 for weekend use), you get to shoot 15 arrows after an instructor gives you a shooting demo. All safety gear is provided.

  1. Golf Lessons at Stadium Golf (Groupon)

For some men, golf is a right of passage. It’s one of the few sports that combine the elements of nature (the wind, grass, trees, and sand) with striking things in a disciplined and strategic way. If your dad is new to the sport, why not treat him to a golf lesson at a fully equipped indoor golfing facility?

  1. 90-min Hoverboard or Unicycle Ride at Rendezvous (Groupon)

Personal mobility devices have been gaining much popularity in recent years, but owning one does have it’s downsides – they’re costly, heavy, not allowed on roads, and some would argue that they’re yet another tool to encourage sedentary behaviour in an already lazy world. Though that doesn’t mean they’re not super fun. If your dad doesn’t already have one, he can rent one out at just a fraction of the cost (with safety gear included in the price).

  1. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (Qoo10)

For the sporty dad, this hands-free headset is great for jogging and cycling. The Bluetooth (v4.0 class 2) has a  wireless range of up to 10 meters. It’s compatible with mobile phones, tablets, iPads, notebooks and any other Bluetooth devices. The charging time is 3 hours, music playing/talk time is 7-8 hours, and the standby time is 180 hours.

  1. Ultra Fast Charging Cables (Qoo10)

Mobile accessories can be quite useful, especially fast charging cables. Charging your phone using the right cables can make a huge difference. This Qoo10 seller also supplies other useful mobile accessories including flash drives and power banks – all at very reasonable prices.

  1. Philips BT2000 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Qoo10)

The weather-resistant Philips Flex Bluetooth speaker can hold a charge for 12 hours of playback at moderate volumes and has an integrated lanyard loop for hanging it off a belt loop or a backpack. It’s very “manly”, rugged looking, lightweight, portable, and comes with a one-year warranty. 

  1. No Spill Suction Coffee Mug (Qoo10)

A lot of fathers really enjoy their coffee or tea, but what they don’t enjoy are spills and other accidents…Now, it’s possible to get a spill proof “sippy cup” for adults. These mugs have a suction on the bottom that prevents the cup from tipping. They can be eco-friendly too, since having one of these mugs is better than using a styrofoam or wax-coated cup each and every time your dad visits the coffee shop.

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