We are all artists and creatives at heart, even though we may not think we are. And our smartphones enable us to do and create so many amazing things. The hard part is getting started and knowing how to start. Fortunately for Apple fans, Today at Apple has totally free and fun how-to classes and interactive activities for the public. 

What Classes are Offered?

The Apple Store on Orchard Road (270 Orchard Rd) hosts a ton of free classes for all ages and skill levels. These include drawing, painting, making music, and taking/editing photos, to coding and app prototyping, all using Apple devices. There are even classes on how to better manage your business by leveraging on apps.

Popular classes include ‘Program robots with Swift Playgrounds’ and their ‘Photo Lab’ and ‘Live Art’ series where professionals guide you through the creative process. You can even catch performances at Today at Apple. From singer-songwriters to bands, and music producers, you can get an up-close-and-personal concert experience and be the first to know about album releases and video premieres.

How Do I Register?

When you visit their website, up to two weeks worth of sessions are listed. So you can register for a class (that’s not already fully booked) up to two weeks in advance. Click to sign up for a class and enter your Apple ID. Then, you’re all set.

For fully-booked classes, sometimes there might be some no-shows, and you can kindly ask if a slot is available upon walk-in. The staff there might just be able to squeeze you in.


Some Thoughts

Many people believe that once you reach a certain age, when it comes to creativity and artistry, “you either have it or you don’t.” And that’s simply not true. We are all creative.

I volunteer with TTSH’s art therapy programme for terminally-ill patients. When I approach these distressed and sometimes agitated patients, quite a few of them will blatantly tell me that they are not interested, or that they do not like art. But in talking to them more, they reveal that their disinterest comes from the fact that they have not picked up a marker or paint brush since primary school. Or that someone, along the way, told them they were not very creative. And they believed it.

But once they get started, you’d be amazed at how much hidden creative energy just comes pouring out. Sometimes, art can help cope with and release negative emotions. Some of the patients tell me the session was relaxing and therapeutic. Others just smile, and family members will later tell me how rarely they smile these days.

Whether you want to explore personal hobbies or pick up new valuable skills for your career (and you have an Apple device), now’s your chance to learn and connect with your inner artist/creative. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new talent. Or your kids will find new ways to de-stress and pour their creative energy into a new-found craft.

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