korean bibimbap buffet
A Korean lunch buffet for under $10!

I see a lot of places offering “value lunch sets” for around $10, but I always wonder whether the meal would be filling enough or will it leave me hungry in 2 to 3 hours. Fortunately, there are a few places that offer buffets for $10 or less. Here are some of the ones I’ve found.

  1. Hotpot Culture. Since I’ve written about them in a previous post, I won’t go into much detail here. They are located on level 4 in Marina Square and have a daily (including weekends) porridge lunch buffet for 8.80++.
  1. The Corner Place. On weekdays, the Corner Place offers a Korean bibimbap lunch buffet for $8.80++. They are also located on level 4 of Marina Square (conveniently next to Hotpot Culture so if one looks too busy or crowded, you could try the other one). As part of their bibimbap buffet, all the dishes are included except for the raw meats and drinks. There are cooked meats to choose from (chicken, pork, and eggs) as well as soup and rice.

20141020_133424corner place

  1. The Rajah Inn. Located on level 2 in Tiong Bahru Plaza, the Rajah Inn also offers a porridge lunch buffet. Their price is $6.90++ on weekdays and $7.90++ on weekends. (Closed 19 Nov)

20141101_113352 20141101_113355 20141101_113319

  1. Kohinoor Palace. I covered this Indian buffet in a previous post, so I will just briefly mention here that they are on the 3rd floor of the Singapore Khalsa Association building (2 Tessensohn road) and their weekday lunch buffet is $10 nett.
  1. Hifumi Japanese Restaurant. With outlets in Plaza Singapura and Marina Square, Hifumi offers free flow appetizers with every entree starting at $9.99 (weekday lunch specials) and $11.99 (from their regular menu). Their appetizer menu changes every month.

20141108_120321 20141108_120314Sure, a lot of these places don’t have much in the way of variety, but neither does a $10 value lunch entree. Sometimes when I eat out and spend $7 to 9 on a single dish (that wasn’t super spectacular or memorable), I can’t help but compare it to some of these cheap buffets. In terms of value, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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