You might think your most important facial feature is your eyes or your smile, but science tells us that it’s actually your eyebrows. Yes, those patches of hair above your eyes are more than just nature’s protective sweatband and rain/dusts filters. They convey emotions and non-verbal cues, such as anger, fear, surprise, and cheer. Having well-groomed brows that are appropriate for your face can also make you appear more youthful, energised, friendly, and even more trustworthy. They can make your face appear more round or more slim.

Eyebrows have the ability to dramatically alter a person’s look and expressions. There are many grooming services out there to help you achieve your ideal brows. These services include brow shaping, threading, and embroidery. So how do you keep your brows perfectly manicured without breaking the bank? There’s one secret place where you can go and pay nothing.


Becoming a Brow Model

When I was told I could be a brow and lash “model”, I was skeptical. Up into my late-30s, I had never thought those swaths of hair on my forehead needed professional styling. And I believed that whichever way the hairs grew was generally the shape I had to live with. My idea of maintenance was just plucking the strays and occasional trimming. Then one day a friend told me about Spa Esprit Academy.

Spa Esprit Academy is a training school for Browhaus and Strip (which I’ll cover in another article). They are always in need of “models”, that is, people who can be experimental subjects for their trainees. But don’t worry – all the trainee sessions are supervised by a professional experienced trainer.

As you know, Browhaus is a Singaporean brand with outlets in London, New York, and Beijing. Their standards are incredibly high, so their training is quite rigorous.

At regular Browhaus outlets, signature treatments include Brow Resurrection (semi-permanent brow for sparse or no brows), Browgraphy (brow shaping by tweezing or threading and darkening or lightening of brows) and Lash in Bloom (lash extensions). These treatments are exactly the same ones available at their training school, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as some salons charge upwards of $1000 for eyebrow embroidery.

The only difference is that a trainee under supervision will perform the treatment, so the treatment times are a bit longer than at their regular salons. Everything else, including the initial consultation and after-care, is held to the same high standard and quality of care.


My Experience at Browhaus Training Academy

As a newbie, I decided to try their brow tweezing treatment. To prepare for my visit, I let my brow grow wildly for about 5 days. Then I made the trip to their new office location at 60 Jalan Penjara, S149375. Please note that Jalan Penjara is off of Margaret Drive; don’t go by way of Swettenham Road because it does not connect and you can’t cross through on foot.


Heading into the office and towards the left end of the building, there is a “Model Refreshment Corner” waiting area with water and biscuits. There’s no aircon in the waiting area, so it can be quite warm, but the treatment rooms have aircon.


I was not allowed to take photos of the treatment room. The trainee who performed the treatment on me was very shy while the trainer was very assertive. Because Browhaus aims for having excellent customer service, the trainees are instructed to ask questions relating to your level of comfort or pain throughout the session.  They also explain in detail all the actions they are about to perform.

The trainer, meanwhile, will ask questions of the trainee throughout the session. Sometimes, the trainer will step in to demonstrate a certain technique.

Overall, the treatment was comfortable, so comfortable that I fell asleep through most of it. The complete session, including consultation, after-care instructions, and feedback lasted about 1.5 hours. 

Here are my before and after treatment photos. 


They even taught me how to further define my brows using an eyebrow pencil, which I had never used before. It was especially nice because I was going to an event later that evening. These photos were taken in their waiting area immediately after the treatment (sorry, the lighting wasn’t very good).


How Do You Become a Model?

In addition to being age 18 and above, you must meet certain requirements, depending on which service you going for. If you are pregnant or nursing, have certain skin conditions, or are taking certain medications (including topical medications and over-the-counter medications), you might not be a candidate for some treatments.

Spa Esprit Academy’s training schedule is continually updated online (you can view their training schedule here). Once you determine which treatment you wish to undergo you can SMS/WhatsApp 9647 5626 to book an appointment. Please include the following details: Name, Mobile, Treatment, Date & Time. Allow for 3 working days to confirm your appointment.

Once your appointment is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled. You are required to find a replacement model for your slot if you are unable to attend. Models who cancel at the last minute or do not find a replacement may be banned from making future appointments.

Some Thoughts

There are many subsidised or free services in which you can be a model. I’ve written previously about Kimage Hairdressing School, where you can get the entire hair salon experience starting at just $6. I find that under most circumstances, these training sessions tend to be just as good as, or even better and more thorough than, their traditional full-price counterparts. They do, however, require a bit more of your time and patience.

If you’re interested in becoming a brow/lash model, I encourage you to try their services. If you have children, the Queenstown Library is just a stone’s throw away, so while the little ones are engrossed in storytime, you can go for a spa treat and maybe even get a new look. (I’ll be covering their Strip Training Academy in a future article.)

Spa Esprit Academy
60 Jalan Penjara
Singapore 149375


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