As you may already know, you actually don’t need an agent to buy or sell a home, particularly an HDB flat where the transaction and process is very structured and transparent. Information on HDB resale prices and recent transaction are readily available for anyone to see. In Singapore, the legal aspect of a sale is handled by lawyers. So in addition to using sites like Propertyguru, don’t forget to include FSBO (for-sale-by-owner) sites. Here are some popular FSBO sites (pronounced fizz – bo) in Singapore:


Direct Property Sale Websites in Singapore

1. DirectHome

As of this article’s date, DirectHome has 2370 property listings. These include both sale and rental listings for both private and HDB homes. Their free listing service includes their platform’s call/messaging system as well as email support.

Recently, they launched a rewards program in which buyers can receive cashback from purchases of any property launches via the Direct Home platform.

The cashback rewards will be through tokens, using blockchain technology. They are also growing at a fast rate. They’ve transacted in Australia, and will soon be venturing out into the US and the UK.

You can read more about DirectHome here.


2. Ohmyhome

I couldn’t get a total listing count on Ohmyhome, but I imagine it’s also up there in the thousands. Unlike the others, OhMyHome is a FSBO portal only for HDB flats – both for sale and for rentals. They also offer free listing services. Buyers can also browse and chat through the portal for free.

Personally, I like that their site features “Open Houses” as well as “Homes Under $300K”. And I also really like their app and user interface.

If you’re a condo owner, you can also engage them for full agent services at 1% of the selling price, which is considerably lower than other agencies. For this “premium agent service”, they will list your condo on Propertyguru.

You can read more about Ohmyhome here.


3. Stacked Homes

As of this article, Stacked Homes has 3317 listings for sale and 547 listings for rent. Stacked Homes also has both private and HDB home listings.

They also have this really cool feature that is like a 3D virtual tour of the home. You get to “walk through” the floor plan and get a real sense of what it’s like to live in it. Though, I don’t see many people using this feature (probably due to the cost).

You can read more about Stacked Homes here.


Buying & Selling Directly (without Agents)

As a seller, FSBO means you can save a lot by not having to pay the selling agent commission (typically 2% to 4%). By transacting without any agents (selling or buying agent), you can avoid commission altogether. Currently, all three platforms offer free listing services, with optional add-ons for a flat fee. Such add-ons include licensed valuation reports, virtual tours, and the option to add your listing to other property portals like Propertyguru, casting a wider net for buyers.

As a seller, you might also be better equipped to stage your home, arrange for a viewing, or answer any questions from buyers. As a buyer, by contacting and arranging your own viewings, you also can save by not paying buying agent commission (typically 1% to 2%). And you might be able to fetch a better price since no agents are involved serving as middlemen. 

Of course, there are some downsides to doing it yourself, such as having to make/answer lots of phone calls or messages. But if you can handle the additional time and the emotional aspect of buying and selling property yourself, FSBO could be a good option for you.

If you feel stuck or frustrated, most FSBO sites have online support/chat, and as an optional add-on, can even provide full agent services but at a much lower cost, which can still save you money.

Of course, you can always decide at any point to go back to buying/selling via traditional real estate agencies like PropNex, Huttons, Orangetee, DWG, and ERA, after trying the FSBO route.

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