I started wearing contact lenses 15 years ago. At that time, I was finishing uni in the States. Back then, there were only a few online shops, and the savings didn’t seem very significant. I used to buy from Lens.com. And when I first moved to Singapore, I continued buying from Lens.com despite having to pay US$20 for international shipping. Then I started buying them whenever I went to JB. Contact lenses are much cheaper in Malaysia. But if you don’t want to travel to JB to get your lenses, consider buying from MrLens, Malaysia’s largest online contacts store that also ships to Singapore.



MrLens: Cheaper than Lens.com and Many Other Online Shops

I recently bought a year’s supply of contact lenses from MrLens. The contacts I use (CooperVision Biofinity®) happened to be the cheapest on MrLens (RM 80, S$27, for a box of 6 lenses) than on any other online shops I browsed, including Lens.com which sells them for US$38.

Compared to local online shops, Lazada.sg sells them for S$62, SGContactLens for S$50, and ContactsDaily for S$41. But if you buy from these local online shops, the shipping is usually free or very inexpensive.

If you buy from MrLens, the shipping costs will set you back RM 42.90 (S$14), for orders less than RM 500. The order typically takes 1 week to arrive, and is shipped by DHL Express. The recent order I made only took 4 days to arrive.

Of course, whether MrLens will be the most cost effective option for you is going to depend on which lens you use and whether you buy enough boxes to offset the cost of shipping. But for me, I couldn’t find a cheaper online shop, and this was a great alternative to travelling to JB.



About MrLens

At first, I thought of MrLens as just a Malaysian company that primarily has Malaysian customers. But I was surprised to discover that they’re also the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and other parts of Europe. They even won a Swiss award.

The reason why their prices are so competitive, according to their website, is because their products come directly from distributors or manufacturers, and they work from their warehouse which greatly reduces the cost of operation.

They carry all the major contact lens brands including Acuvue (Oasis, Moist), Bausch & Lomb (Biotrue, Soflens, Purevision), Coopervision (Biofinity, Biomedics), and Ciba Vision (Air Optix). They also have a wide variety of coloured contact lenses, and they also sell sunglasses.

You can reach their customer service conveniently via whatsapp if you have any questions about a product or an order.


Discount Code: RM 10 off your first order – use promo code: ssn56096-545f3d47

Please note this code can only be used once. Once someone uses it, the code is no longer valid. The codes are generated on a per-use basis. If you would like a personal code sent to you, you can contact me (using the contact form) and include your email address. UPDATE (10/9/2019): The promo code generator seems to not be working. If you’d like to try another discount lens shop, you can try ContactLens.sg. Use this link for $15 off your first order.

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  1. Not true. MrLens is selling RM60 for 3 lenses and this is at a discounted price somemore. If you add their delivery charge of RM59 to SG, the cost is much more higher than purchasing from the local online contact lens store which sells slightly cheaper and provides free delivery. Please take down your article and stop promoting such exorbitant business from Malaysia.

    • Hi Summersnow, that’s really interesting because I still have my receipt from an order I placed about a year ago. They were selling 6 lenses for RM80. They must have increased their price. But when I bought from them a year ago, it was definitely 6 lenses for RM80. It was not a lie and I was not trying to deceive anyone! Prices do change. And so do exchange rates.

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