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If you want the water park experience for a fraction of the price, come here instead.

There was a special SG50 promotion for Adventure Cove tickets through Qoo10 for $22 ($19 for children). Since I had an additional $2 off coupon, I thought it was a reasonable price to pay, considering the usual price at the gate is $36. The free entry to Sentosa, via the boardwalk (another SG50 promotion) also made it a bit more worthwhile to check it out before these SG50 promotions end. I did have a good time there, although I was disappointed that their locker rentals were so expensive ($10 for a small locker, or $20 for a large locker). Fortunately, I didn’t have anything valuable and was able to use the free open storage racks that were often adjacent to the water slides. So why would I not go a second time?

I ¬†found an even better, more frugal and value-conscious place – the Jurong East Swimming Complex. The best thing about this swimming “park” is that it’s not very crowded on the weekdays, nor at various times on the weekends. This is perhaps because it’s not in a “touristy” part of the island. This means you spend less time queuing and more time enjoying the park. Below are some pictures of the Jurong East Swimming Complex, followed by a side-by-side comparison of the two theme parks:

The Cost:

Jurong East Swimming Complex                                Adventure Cove
adults $0 + $2 (tube rental) $36
senior/children $0 + $2 (tube rental) $26

Under the ActiveSG Free Membership Scheme, all Singaporeans and PRs get $100 ($125 if you’re a senior age 55 or over) of ActiveSG credits in which they can use at any ActiveSG facility, including gyms and swimming pools (hurry, as this is for a limited time only and the additional $25 sign up bonus for seniors will end 31 Dec 2015). Therefore, the cost of jurongeast9entrance to the Jurong East Swimming Complex amounts to $0. The usual price is not bad though. Normally, the cost would be $1.50 during weekdays, and $2 for weekends ($0.80 and $1, respectively, for children and seniors). But to get the full experience, most people end up paying extra to rent a tube (these cost $2 with an additional $3 refundable deposit). That’s a pretty good deal compared to Adventure Cover, where tickets normally cost $36 for adults and $26 for children, though you can find some discounts through voucher sites and on Qoo10.

Operating Hours:

Jurong East Swimming Complex                                Adventure Cove
8am – 9.30pm (closed Mondays) 10am – 6pm
6.30am – 9.30pm (Wednesdays, Saturdays) .

One of the best thing about the Jurong East Swimming Complex is that it stays open until late, and some days, it opens really really early (Wednesdays and Saturdays). On the other hand, at Adventure Cove, you won’t be able to use the park after sunset, as it is only open during the hottest parts of the day.

Adventure Cove is, of course, much much larger. It’s attractions include the following:

  1. Adventure River (Lazy River)
  2. Big Bucket Treehouse (water play area for kids)
  3. Whirlpool Washout (water slide)
  4. Spiral Washout (water slide)
  5. Bluewater Bay (wave pool)
  6. Tidal Twister (water slide)
  7. Pipeline Plunge (water slide)
  8. Riptide Rocket (hydro magnetic roller coaster)
  9. Dueling Racer (dual slide using mats)
  10. Seahorse Hideaway (kids play area with wading pool)
  11. Rainbow Reef (unique snorkeling experience with fish)
  12. Splashworks (water play area)
  13. Ray Bay (unique experience with rays, but will cost an additional $20)

Jurong East Swimming Complex doesn’t have all the fancy names, but they do have some comparable rides. Let’s see these two parks side by side:

Jurong East Swimming Complex                                Adventure Cove
1 Wave Pool 1 Wave Pool
1 Lazy River 1 Lazy River
3 Water Slides 6 Water Slides (1 is a duel slide, and 1 is a hydro magnetic roller coaster)
1 Kids Play Area 2 Kids Play Areas
1 Competition Pool 1 General Play Area
1 Jacuzzi 2 Unique Swimming Experiences (but 1 requires a $20 top up)



Jurong East Swimming Complex                                Adventure Cove
$0.40 $10 (small) locker; $20 (large) locker

Be sure to have two 20 cent coins if you plan on using the Jurong East Swimming Complex lockers. I can’t comment on the Adventure Cove lockers as I didn’t use them. According to their website, these lockers can be used for the entire day.

Jurong East Swimming Complex is a bit out-of-the-way for most people. But the nice thing is that it is within walking distance from a nearby MRT Station (Chinese Gardens MRT Station). Jurong East ActiveSG gym is also adjacent so you can get a nice workout in before cooling off at the swimming complex. You can also pop by the Chinese Gardens while you’re in the area. For Adventure Cove, the nearest MRT Station is Harbourfront Station, but unless you take the Sentosa Express in (an additional $4), you’ll have to walk quite far to get to it.

Jurong East Swimming Complex Address:
21 Jurong East Street 31
Singapore 609517

Being frugal doesn’t mean you always go for the least expensive option, so I don’t regret my¬† Adventure Cove experience, but I would not go a second time. Which place would you prefer to visit?

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